Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Merlin's Beard X Silver Surfer

 Today I'm featuring the 5'6" Merlin's Beard model with Silver surfer air-bushing. One hell of a spacecraft!

Chris Johnson, owner of The Shop in Arcata, requested quite an order. I had yet to do any air brushing on a surfboard of this level, but I saw it as a great challenge to face. When he said he wanted Silver surfer on the bottom, my first thought was the versions that appeared in two issues created by Moebius, the late famous french artist. His work has always been an inspiration to me and to have a chance to recreate it on a surfboard made it even more of a fun project. I also took some ques from Martin Worthington who air-brused for Hot Buttered and Terry Fitzgerald putting some amazing works on surfboards. After lots of stencils, tape, mixed paint, multiple color passes, and a nerve racking lamination it came out pretty darn nice.

This model features a deep concave bottom into pronounced vee with two channels running out the back between the rear quad fins. The top incorporates a concave deck, step rails, and a down turned wing. the whole package is like a 6'5 pushed down to a 5'6" with the wide nose and the rest just enhancing the ride. The tail comes down narrow to fit nicely in the pocket of the barrel and the wing facilitates added release behind the fins and lift in the nose. I also placed a vented leash plug in there with a 4+4 glossed bottom and 4+4+4 sanded deck, laminated with resin researches new ce2000 ultra. Super nice resin!

Thanks for the order Chris, the spaciest spacecraft I've ever seen! Cheers! 

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