Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Leif's Brulee'

 It was nice to have a chance to make another woodfoot for Leif Nelson, an all around Humboldt ripper, who's still throwing buckets with his Fish. This time we filled the gap in his quiver with something more hi-performance that will hold the steep drop, and easily slip into the barrel.

  We went with a classic rounded pin outline like the Creme Brulee model, but with a pulled-in front end and some nose flip to the overall enhanced rocker. I like doing clear boards when requested, but I just can't get away from putting some color in there; like the hand painted logos and other embellishments. One customization I especially enjoyed was doing a mock Volan cloth tail patch by adding just a drop or two of resin tint.

   Like Daniel's Olive pit, redwood stiffeners were installed into the poly blank, and the basswood stringer tinted to match. The board was glassed to last with Resin Research Epoxy and a vented leash plug. Dimensions on this are 6'3"1/4" x 19 1/4" x 2 5/8". The volume should feel good under Leif's heavy foot, the guy is built like Occy. Last I heard his turns were coming in at 12 o'clock sharp! Thanks for coming back Leif, enjoy your new custom WoodFoot.