Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Master Study

 Some of my early paintings were studies of masters. My brush painted over the same lines as theirs and in this way I worked side by side learning all along. In the spirit of this practice I studied Master Shaper, Malcolm Campbell and his 5fin Octafish. I'm thoroughly humbled by how complicated this build was. Not only is it a trip to shape, but glassing one is even crazier. We went with Bamboo runners and a Bamboo center fin from TrueAmes, making it a beautiful combo. To make it extra special I added an acrylic foam stain inlay, a white marbled cloth inlay, a baby blue tint, and logo mandala . Layer after layer it came to fruition, with amazingly no bubbles on the elevated wings. Thanks to Carl, Senior' Stoke Face for the sponsorship! Welcome to Team ∞WOODFOOT∞