Wednesday, November 12, 2014

4'11" Simpleton Green

  I took this little guy out yesterday morning and I got all the hallmarks of new eyes to a strange looking surfboard. Catch phrases like, "Is that a kneeboard?" or the classic, "looks like you cut up a longboard," and the often stated, "Do you stand up on that thing?"
  Up here behind the Redwood Curtain we're a little late on some ideas, but as I casually paddled in and dropped an over head wave standing on two legs with control, drive, and speed these questions were answered.
  The shape of this Simpleton model is refined from the last version, features keels I hand foiled out of Okum Marine ply, and my first go at using Epoxy on Polyurethane. All I gotta say is Resin Research is the bomb, it's the resin that I have been waiting for, good bye poly and it's cracking stinking stink with it's no good friend assatone.
  Really though I had a lot of fun surfing this small and wide surfcraft, nothing like it. The maneuverability is unsurpassed. I had one of those moments where the board was an afterthought while going wherever I wanted on the wave. I can see why these boards have such a cult following with the High Apect of Ratio to stoke there's no going back. Ride em' Shorter than thought possible.
Like a skateboard on a halfpipe   • 4'11" x 22" x 2 3/4" • and I'm 5'10" 185lbs plenty of float.
Orders welcome wherever you are in the world