Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Jedi Bonzer

  This custom five fin bonzer was a labor of love. I spent a lot of time cracking the code while shaping this surf-craft from outer space. This bonzer was built for speed and should cut through the barrel like a light saber with bamboo side runners and 7" bamboo center fin from TrueAmes.
  The construction is my new favorite recipe of a polyurethane blank and resin research epoxy. We did a balance of opposites with an opaque champagne bottom and tinted resin inlay on the deck finished with a tempera pin-line and some new snazzy logos.
  Eric was one happy surfer after I revealed his new woodfoot, a grin from ear to ear. Upon his first session he informed me that the board paddled really well and it "felt like an extension of my feet," which is what I like to hear.
Use the force Luke!  JediBonzer 6'7" • 20.5" • 2.75"