Monday, June 6, 2016

Hank's Tank

 A 7'6" bonzer3 for local ace Hank Stoffers, with abstract resin inlay and removable custom bonzer side runners. I had a good time with this one as it was a copy of a copy of an Eaton bonzer and required some tricky scaling to get it right. The removable side runners was a whole different can of worms too. The first batch of fins I made didn't have built in cant angle and assuming the angle could be achieved with the fcs plugs...nope. So I ended up building a surface to lay my resin panel down on that had the cant angle built alleviating the problem. With the proper degree built into the fins I could use the fcs plugs without grinding half of them off in the process. The end result was a hefty little gun that will bust through the chop on any given day out here on the north coast with some fin options to play with, long may you ride Hank.