Thursday, December 11, 2014


  This custom ordered 'Grande' Simpleton was finished just in time for Christmas. Longtime patron and friend Marcy Bruce wanted a surf-craft that would catch those little peelers as she begins to learn how to ride the wild surf. This simpleton is only 6'4", but packs the same amount of volume as a 10'1" squeezed into a clean outline. Being compact, this surfboard should be more manageable for hauling around and turning in the surf, resulting in a good ratio of stoke to fatigue. I'm hoping with this design, Marcy will be able to paddle well, catch waves, and have more maneuverability than a standard long board for beginners.

  To make this artful surfcraft extra special I collaborated with print artist Sarah Lesher. Her simplistic patterns are clean and happy, lending well to my design aesthetic. We decided to silkscreen one of her industrial/urban patterns on the deck, something that I will do again for sure. Marcy also requested some awesome color combos, making this beauty pop with a teal tint and a white resin pin line. The glass on fins are from True Ames designed by Tyler Warren, and conveniently came in a stunning purple to match the logos.

  All together the dimensions are 6'4"•23.75"•3" and with that amount of foam it might even work as a stand up! Constructed with a polyurethane Rich Pavel fish blank and laminated with epoxy glassed to last at 6x4-6x4.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

4'11" Simpleton Green

  I took this little guy out yesterday morning and I got all the hallmarks of new eyes to a strange looking surfboard. Catch phrases like, "Is that a kneeboard?" or the classic, "looks like you cut up a longboard," and the often stated, "Do you stand up on that thing?"
  Up here behind the Redwood Curtain we're a little late on some ideas, but as I casually paddled in and dropped an over head wave standing on two legs with control, drive, and speed these questions were answered.
  The shape of this Simpleton model is refined from the last version, features keels I hand foiled out of Okum Marine ply, and my first go at using Epoxy on Polyurethane. All I gotta say is Resin Research is the bomb, it's the resin that I have been waiting for, good bye poly and it's cracking stinking stink with it's no good friend assatone.
  Really though I had a lot of fun surfing this small and wide surfcraft, nothing like it. The maneuverability is unsurpassed. I had one of those moments where the board was an afterthought while going wherever I wanted on the wave. I can see why these boards have such a cult following with the High Apect of Ratio to stoke there's no going back. Ride em' Shorter than thought possible.
Like a skateboard on a halfpipe   • 4'11" x 22" x 2 3/4" • and I'm 5'10" 185lbs plenty of float.
Orders welcome wherever you are in the world

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Five Fin Tux

  A very special tribute board to our furry friend (my painting of him above), the Redux is a shape that's been in my mind for a while. Tuxedo cat was 22 if not older when I had to put him down, a very sad day, but before he left us I printed his paws on rice paper in hopes to use them on a sacred craft.
  Since he was a Black and White tuxedo cat I chose to honor his colors in the design. The stringerless blank has a black glue line and besides being functional the carbon fiber matches the theme. I also had some black and white side-runners placed at the sacred angle bringing the design full circle. The black mass represent his body, in which I inlayed his whiskers that I found around the house and a bit of his ashes, the color mass represents his spirit wild and free a ying-and-yang. 
  The shape itself is all an experiment, with my own interpretation of the 5 fin bonzer, I played with full length concaves and carefully placed down-turned wings in the tail to function with the fins. For glassing I laminated single 6oz top and bottom with uni-directional carbon fiber, in hopes to explore the flex and stiffen the center. I've taken it out in some nice hollow surf and the experiments have proven to be guided in the right direction. I'll be ridding this board everyday I can, for quite sometime, and maybe Tuxedo will be too.  5'9"X 21"X 2.5"  

Monday, August 18, 2014

6'4" BizCut

Fresh out of the Sled-shed is this new custom for Eric Krasner. The BizCut shape packs a good amount of volume and a sleek outline, no bumps, wings, or side cuts just good ol' fashioned curve. The bottom features a slight roll in the nose to single concave into spiral vee, starting just ahead of the fins and fading out the back.  We went with a five option, but I can see this shape in a number of different fin setups especially a single fin. The dimensions on this Bizcut 6'4"•16"•21"•15.5"•2.75" with a side of strictly bizness.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

8-O SnubNose Rider

   This 8-O nose rider came out of my shop a few days ago and I'm stoked on the results. Ordered by my life long friend Daniel Jones for the summer days up here on the North Coast. The core is an old Clark foam uniform density blank that was pretty shabby, but I was able to trim it down into a clean shape. 
   We took it out yesterday and I was delighted by the lift it had in the nose as I placed five piggies over the edge. Over all it paddled really clean, caught waves easy, and trimmed like a battle ship. 
   The Greenough Stage-6 from TrueAmes, was my inspiration for the tail and nose outline which I templated around the fin. I added some tail rocker, gave it a 60/40 rail line, with an up rail on the tail, and tuck on the spooned out nose.  Custom color resin tints and resin panel flower of life set off this retro/modern summertime wave machine.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Master Study

 Some of my early paintings were studies of masters. My brush painted over the same lines as theirs and in this way I worked side by side learning all along. In the spirit of this practice I studied Master Shaper, Malcolm Campbell and his 5fin Octafish. I'm thoroughly humbled by how complicated this build was. Not only is it a trip to shape, but glassing one is even crazier. We went with Bamboo runners and a Bamboo center fin from TrueAmes, making it a beautiful combo. To make it extra special I added an acrylic foam stain inlay, a white marbled cloth inlay, a baby blue tint, and logo mandala . Layer after layer it came to fruition, with amazingly no bubbles on the elevated wings. Thanks to Carl, Senior' Stoke Face for the sponsorship! Welcome to Team ∞WOODFOOT∞

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Turkey Town

 photos taken by Carlsgood

Be it be by chance or by luck, I was hired by Matteo of PavonesHotShotz to paint a mural on his new casita in Pavones, Costa Rica. What followed were endless days of painting, surfing, and smiles from ear to ear. Over the course of a month I was immersed in the environment, culture, and great people of Pavones; not to mention the stellar wave too. I'm now home with burnt skin, new perspectives, and appreciations for the shores I call home. Thank you to Matteo, Amy and Alex from Shooting Star, Piper, Whiz and the gang, My hum bros, the land, the waves, La Pina and the Lady soul food. Forever in my heart and mind ¡Pura Vida!  ¡Viva Obama, Reggae Rasta Party, and Puss Puss!

Monday, March 3, 2014


Fresh out of the shop a new model for WoodFoot Surfcraft I dub "the Geisha," for its clean outline and curvy hips. I made this one Custom for my stellar amigo Crouch aka Giant Human. He likes to break boards for fun so this one is rock solid. Finished just in time for my trip to Costa Rica where I will be surfing and Painting a Mural. Updates to come. Yewww!