Tuesday, September 24, 2013

5'8" Jupiter

I present to you the next generation Jupiter model only available from WoodFoot Surfcraft. This is a unique and original design, developed and tested over the past year.  The versatile fin options of single, twin, thruster, or 2 plus 1, gives this board a plethora of different surfing sensations.  Jupiter's unique outline is complimented by radical bottom contours and labor intensive graphite alchemy. I completed the package with a hand drawn logo and a 24kt gold inlay. Order yours today woodfootsurfcraft@gmail.com

Friday, September 13, 2013


   It took awhile, but I feel proud to be finished with this historic project. These are before and after shots of the restoration, every square inch was repainted. If you find yourself headed up US101 look out for this mural as you enter Eureka, maybe grab some lunch at Golden Harvest Cafe next door and enjoy the view from a booth.
  Now that this project is behind me I have some time for much needed R and D going on in the shop. Stay tuned for the new boards I'm cooking up.