Thursday, December 11, 2014


  This custom ordered 'Grande' Simpleton was finished just in time for Christmas. Longtime patron and friend Marcy Bruce wanted a surf-craft that would catch those little peelers as she begins to learn how to ride the wild surf. This simpleton is only 6'4", but packs the same amount of volume as a 10'1" squeezed into a clean outline. Being compact, this surfboard should be more manageable for hauling around and turning in the surf, resulting in a good ratio of stoke to fatigue. I'm hoping with this design, Marcy will be able to paddle well, catch waves, and have more maneuverability than a standard long board for beginners.

  To make this artful surfcraft extra special I collaborated with print artist Sarah Lesher. Her simplistic patterns are clean and happy, lending well to my design aesthetic. We decided to silkscreen one of her industrial/urban patterns on the deck, something that I will do again for sure. Marcy also requested some awesome color combos, making this beauty pop with a teal tint and a white resin pin line. The glass on fins are from True Ames designed by Tyler Warren, and conveniently came in a stunning purple to match the logos.

  All together the dimensions are 6'4"•23.75"•3" and with that amount of foam it might even work as a stand up! Constructed with a polyurethane Rich Pavel fish blank and laminated with epoxy glassed to last at 6x4-6x4.