Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Turkey Town

 photos taken by Carlsgood

Be it be by chance or by luck, I was hired by Matteo of PavonesHotShotz to paint a mural on his new casita in Pavones, Costa Rica. What followed were endless days of painting, surfing, and smiles from ear to ear. Over the course of a month I was immersed in the environment, culture, and great people of Pavones; not to mention the stellar wave too. I'm now home with burnt skin, new perspectives, and appreciations for the shores I call home. Thank you to Matteo, Amy and Alex from Shooting Star, Piper, Whiz and the gang, My hum bros, the land, the waves, La Pina and the Lady soul food. Forever in my heart and mind ¡Pura Vida!  ¡Viva Obama, Reggae Rasta Party, and Puss Puss!