Thursday, June 26, 2014

8-O SnubNose Rider

   This 8-O nose rider came out of my shop a few days ago and I'm stoked on the results. Ordered by my life long friend Daniel Jones for the summer days up here on the North Coast. The core is an old Clark foam uniform density blank that was pretty shabby, but I was able to trim it down into a clean shape. 
   We took it out yesterday and I was delighted by the lift it had in the nose as I placed five piggies over the edge. Over all it paddled really clean, caught waves easy, and trimmed like a battle ship. 
   The Greenough Stage-6 from TrueAmes, was my inspiration for the tail and nose outline which I templated around the fin. I added some tail rocker, gave it a 60/40 rail line, with an up rail on the tail, and tuck on the spooned out nose.  Custom color resin tints and resin panel flower of life set off this retro/modern summertime wave machine.