Monday, August 3, 2015

6'4" Asymmetrical

 This time around I was able to get an experimental shape into the the shed. Since this wasn't going to be a shape for a customer or surf shop I decided to go to the deep end and try anything. When I make boards for myself I like to go where I'm not comfortable just to learn and grow as a board maker.

The shape I started with was the olive pit, but I added a concave deck, fuller rails, channels, and a deep split tail. After I cut the tail in I figure why not make it asymmetrical too. Initially I was going to make it a twin fin since all I had in stock for boxes was two futures, but after doing some research I shortened the heal side and foiled a rear quad out of an old thruster fin.

When it came to glassing this thing I employed my wife's abstract painting skills and she did the resin inlay on the deck. I was excited to involve her in the process for the first time, the outcome was beautiful. The yum yum yellow is a color I don't get requests for very much around here and I just love the way it looks against the green water. The laminate on the bottom is a custom design I did for our wedding announcements and the "Lust For Life," is from a great Irvine Stone novel about the life of Vincent Van Gogh. I finished it off with a white pin-line and 24kt gold accents.

I've taken it out a few times already and I really enjoy the variety it brings to both front-side and backside surfing. I get lots of drive off my front-side and it whips around on my back-side turns really quick. I feel some of the flex in the tail off bottom turns too. I can't wait for some winter swell to really put this shape to the test.

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