Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Creme Brulee

 One fresh and sweet Creme Brulee model ordered up by Andrew Spinardi and shipped off on a jet-plane to Chile in hopes to find pealing clean lefts to have for dessert. The dimensions on this shape come in at 5'10" x 19.75" x 2.5" and features a single concave into a double with some clean vee out through the tail.

  Setup to win with True Ames Twins; my personal favorite, and an option to stabilize it's wild nature with a nubster. Since this board was going to a different climate and heading up in a plane at high pressure, a vented leash plug sounded like a good idea; which for now seams like a mainstay in all my builds.

 When it came to glassing I had some fun with colors and fashioned a deck patch pattern that I've always wanted to duplicate. I started with an epoxy 4oz bottom with 4oz tail patch in butter yellow, followed by three layers of 4oz on the deck in light blue tint causing a nice optical green mix on the rails. Mixing tints this way is like painting for me, each one an experiment with intention for artistic results. I'm really excited to hear how his trip went in South America and how this twinny fared in the far off shores of Chile. Enjoy my friend, may she serve ye' well!

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